The dream becomes a reality

Inspired over a decade ago, Twisted Vine was a play on words from two professions, Information Technology and Winemaking. Our original website was established in 1999 with the goal of someday using this as our winery name.


After a three year David and Goliath trademark battle ended in 2003, we moved on and established our winery under a different name, Inspiration Vineyards.


In 2013, Twisted Vine became ours after an abandonment of the original name, and so did the launch of our 2nd label, under the brand Twisted Vine Wines.


Today, Twisted Vine offers wines at reasonable prices, possible as a result of finding small lots of grapes and wines at awesome prices. Our goal is to bring these wines into market at an affordable price, passing along the savings to you, the consumer.


Like our flagship brand, we’re striving to make great, food friendly wines with slightly higher acidity, ready to drink now.


Remember our motto: Think Twisted, Drink Twisted!